guard your faith.

“Above all else guard your heart for from it flows the wellspring of life.”
– Proverbs 4:23

That was the very first verse I ever memorized. Back in High School, the application for this verse was about guarding my heart towards the opposite sex, being cautious and careful to protect my heart so that when my time came, I would have something to offer my husband.

As I’ve grown in my walk with the Lord, I’ve heard many say that this Scripture refers to the guarding of our emotions and the core of who we are.  When we guard our emotions, we are cautious and careful and therefore can be of level head and useful to the Kingdom.
Sure. That works.

But as I was praying today and asking Christ to increase my faith, I suddenly heard and felt this Scripture. And so, my dear friends, I am going to challenge you in the same manner the Lord has challenged me today.

Faith is the only requirement God places on us.  The “work” of our faith is faith itself.  It is the action and steady heart posture that He is, that He is able and that He is good.  Out of these three statements, everything else flows.  We believe in the Sacrifice and the gift given to us at Calvary, we believe in the identity He bestowed on us upon His resurrection, we believe that He is able to meet all of our needs according to His riches in glory, and that He is able to part the Red Sea, or heal our sister’s cancer or anything that else that seems impossible and impractical in the rational realm of our world.

But. The tricky part about faith is that it’s an all or nothing posture.  We either believe or we don’t.  Half hearted belief or faith is no faith at all.  And what Jesus, ever so tenderly reminded me of today is that we have to guard our faith.  Guard your faith, friend.

Our world is filled with disappointment, it is filled with cynicism and unbelief.  It is the nature of the world we live in.  Circumstances tend to dictate the direction and posture of our heart and therefore we are surrounded, even in His Church, by unbelief and unnecessary caution.   We use wisdom as an incorrect tool to excuse our unbelief.  But friends, if He has spoken it… then what caution or wisdom do we need? He has spoken it. It is finished. 

I want to invite you today, to guard your faith.  Be diligent with it.  Whatever you’re believing God for, guard it.  Don’t allow the world, the Church, your family or friends to quench your belief or invite an impure version of wisdom into your faith.  Be fierce in guarding it, protect it.  I genuinely believe that’s what the author of Proverbs wanted us to learn from this.  Yes, guard your emotions and be pure with the opposite sex and blah blah.  But, no really… guard your faith.  Your ability to believe God without question.  Be fierce in that.  Silence the noise and the advice of the world and the Church and just believe God.

Believe that He is.
Believe that He can.
Believe that He will.
… because He is good.  


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