I am a feminist. and…

Today will go down in our history books.
Yesterday, Donald Trump was inagurated as the 45th President of the US.
Today, women across our nation rallied across our nation in protest on behalf of women’s rights.
I’ve gotta be honest with you.  I have no idea what they’re protesting.
I’ve heard/seen it’s about Donald Trump, others say it’s about women’s right to choose (I’m assuming this is pro-life/pro-choice debate related) and others still insist it’s about equality and the safety of women across our nation.

Well. Okay.  I mean, no matter which way it rolls, it’s their country-given right to assemble on behalf of whatever it is that they’re protesting/assembling for.  I haven’t seen anything get violent, so hey. To each their own.  Obsecene? Sure.  But not violent and so… carry on.

However, this has initiated an intense conversation with sooooo many people across the spectrum of life that I personally know.  Some are annoyed, others are apalled I wouldn’t be a part since I am, after all, a woman.  Others still feel what’s happening is ridiculous and unconstitutional. No guys. It’s not. So, everyone chill out.

I will put my two cents in though.  Because, as a writer, as a woman, as a minority, as a believer and as a mother…. I feel I should.

I am a feminist. I believe in women’s values and worth.  I believe women, like every other human being, should have the dignity to live a life free from fear and oppression.  But. As a Feminist… I don’t believe women can do everything a man can, nor that they should.  I also don’t believe men can or should do everything women can. And if I’m being really honest… I will grossly disagree with anyone who tries to convince me otherwise.

I believe in gender equality.  I believe that men and women are created equal in the eyes of God.  But.  I also believe there’s a natural order designed by a big God.  Order doesn’t mean or signify superiority and oppression.  It’s just order.  When order is lost, chaos ensues.  Enter, America.

I am pro-choice. I believe women, like every other human being have the right to choose the kind of life they live.  Believers, we call it free will.  Of course I believe in choices.  I believe that with every choice, there is a consequence.  It can be a good consequence or a bad one.  I believe grace and mercy shield us and protect us often, but naturally…. there are consequences to every choice we choose.  I believe women have the right to choose what they do with their bodies and who they do it with. And I belive that a woman’s choice will be directly correlated to what she believes about herself.  Women. The decisions we make with our bodies are a declaration of our worth to the world around us.

I am pro-life.  Children are a natural consequence (read: result. consequences do not need to have a positive OR negative connotation to them) of engaging in sexual relations.  God & biology said so. With that being said, I believe that as a feminist, independent, intellectual woman I understand that any sexual relations I engage in, whether in the context of marriage, monogamy or casual, may result in a child.  And being a feminist, independent, and intellectual woman I accept the consequences of my well thought out decision.  Therefore, I am pro-life. I believe conception is the starting point for life.  I believe the conversation we label as pro-life/pro-choice should change.  The conversation about abortion should not be centered around my vagina (or yours, or any other women’s).  My vagina has nothing to do with abortion.  The conversation should be about the sanctity of life. And as a feminist woman, I fiercely want to protect it.  But please, let’s discuss life. When it begins, according to biology, etc.

Let’s all sit around the table, as feminist, intelligent and independent women and really talk.  Let’s not yell or turn on each other. Let’s start a conversation and keep it going.  Let’s agree to disagree on occasion with dignity and respect. Because, I’ve gotta say… I often feel more objectified by women than I do men.  Why?  Because I’m a stay home mom and I want to be.  Because I make effort to be my husband’s equal and allow him to lead our family’s choices.  Because I’m a traditionalist, not a career woman.  I have plenty more… take your pick.  And these aren’t made up or theoretical.  These are conversations I’ve had and that I’ve lived.  Being a feminist is about being empowered as women to be who we are created to be and that is as unique as the the amount of stars in the heavens.

Continue to march ladies, if that’s what you believe in your heart and soul.  You are honestly, not hurting anybody.  But be open to a conversation with a woman who thinks differently than you and really listen.  Maybe, just maybe, we will all learn a little bit from each other instead of tear each other apart.

Oh, and one last thing.  I know some of you are pissed about Donald Trump winning and feel he is a threat to women everywhere and etc.  But I’d like to kindly point out Bill Clinton’s record both in the White House and out (Monica Lewinsky, anyone?  Gross old creepy man, party of one), and yet he is “known” for being a great supporter of women’s rights.  Trump has undoubtedly said inappropriate things about women.  But “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent…”  (Eleanor Roosevelt, former First Lady and revolutionary woman of her time)


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