my letter to Orlando.

It’s been a quiet few months. I haven’t written much.  I think I must’ve sat down to write about a dozen times and the words never came out.  It never felt right.  Yet today, we meet again.

Today, my city lost 50 souls to terrorists.  The enemy played his cards right, and 50 souls didn’t live to see tomorrow.  I have never mourned a temporary defeat like I’m mourning this one.

Perhaps it’s because this one is right in our backyard.  Maybe it’s because I know people, who know people, who died in this attack.  Maybe it’s because I am simply most in tune with my Father’s heart and His grief over every single loss, every family member affected and a city now stained with crimson and hate.

No matter the reason, today my city lost 50 souls to terrorists.  Today, I had a decision to make.  I could give in to the fear that tried to assault my soul and become paralyzed.


I could look at fear in the face, remind him that he is a defeated foe and I could continue to advance the Kingdom of God to a city desperate for the only answer that matters. And the answer is this;

God is for Orlando, not against it.  He is a good God, filled with mercy and lovingkindness.  We live in a fallen world, but greater is He, than the one who is in the world.  God is greater.  The love of God is greater than death and tragedy.  Bad things happen, but He turns all things for the good of those who love and seek Him.  There is no pit too deep that God cannot reach, and this tragedy is  not beyond the reach of God. 

Bad things happen.  I hate that they do. But I am so comforted in the fact that the Love of God is stronger. It just is. As I lay my head to rest tonight, I mourn the loss of 50 precious precious souls. But I am comforted in knowing my Father is the Victorious one.  This battle may look lost, but Victory belongs to Jesus and He alone.  Therefore this temporary defeat will soon enough be redeemed in victory and salvation.  Be comforted, Orlando. The King of the Universe is on your side and He loves you. Deeply.


xo, Nicole.


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