let light shine.

this one goes out to all my friends who love Jesus, who seek Him and who publicly claim to follow His lead…

There is a whole lot of dark in the world. There is suffering and death and honestly a lot of just terrible things. Things are getting darker and darker, anyone can see.

BUT, we are called to be LIGHT in the darkness y’all. We are called to shine bright, to stand out and to force a world who is lost in the darkness to look up at the Light and witness truth. That is our calling, our mandate.

In light of these tragic events that have happened, I want to encourage to step out of your worldview and to go back to basics. The real basics. Go back to His Word, His Character, the way He has established His Kingdom.  Y’all we know how the story ends, but until then let’s demonstrate who He is by being beacons of light in darkness. Do it in your day-to-day, everyday, whatever platform God has given you. Be the light on social media, in your homes, in your work places. Don’t let darkness dim your light. And don’t you dare let fear be the basis for your decisions. Perfect love is greater, stronger and mightier than fear and darkness. And perfect love is on our side… Or rather, we are on His!

So stop it. Stop partnering with ISIS and spreading fear. Stop utilizing social media as an outlet for your own insecurities and uncertainty about what God will do. No matter what’s ahead, we know that nothing can separate us from His love. Not height or depth, not angels or demons, not life or death, things past or things future or any circumstance now. Not ISIS or the Obama administration. Nothing. It is secure and it is forever.




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