mercy. brokenness. eight billion stories.

“blessed are the merciful, for the shall obtain mercy” 
– Matthew 5:7

I was a really zealous, passionate, religious young adult. I loved Jesus, but the exterior motivated me more than the interior, if you know what I mean. If I could back to those days where amount spent in prayer defined me and perfect church attendance drove me, it would be this…

We live in a crazy, mixed up, broken world.  And sometimes, things aren’t always black and white.  Some are. Yes. But, others… man, they’re just chilling in this big, gray area.  We are a world filled with individuals, unique to their own personality, heart postures and movements, thoughts, processes, stories.  We are 8 billion people on this earth and no man can know the other’s true sorrow or motive (Pro 14:10, 1 Cor 2:11).  That is eight billion people with eight billion hearts and eight billion stories.

People’s stories define them.  Some for the better, some for the worse.  But, the stories we’ve lived precondition our hearts to believe or receive certain things.  And that’s where the gray comes in.  It isn’t that the lines of right and wrong are blurred. Those are constant and etched in stone.  Instead, it’s that, we love this Merciful God who takes into account our individual stories and processes and heart movements.  He understands the why’s behind the what’s, so in His perfect patience and mercy, He endures. He identifies with our broken human nature through His Son, Jesus Christ, and chooses to be for us every moment of every day… His lovingkindness never fails.

Brokenness isn’t sin.  It’s just brokenness.  It’s the result of a life lived and stories told without the rhema revelation of His love, constance and good will towards us, even when broken humans fail.  I think we all carry an element of brokenness within us every day.  It’s what keeps us human.  And it’s what drives us to the Cross of Christ daily.  It’s our driving need for Jesus, that hole and that aching that something just isn’t right.  The need to renew our minds to the Identity bestowed upon as the Bride of Christ, the Son of God, the Friend of the Bridegroom.

All that being said, it is important not just as believers, but as individuals, to exercise mercy with others.  When they hurt us, when they disappoint us.  When they disillusion us.  Because truth is, we don’t always know another’s story. And even when we do, we may not know all of it or the repercussions from it.

Show mercy. Believe the best in another. Forgive much and forgive quickly.  Embrace shades of gray and trust that the God of the Earth is for you.

Nicole, xo.


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