the prosperity Gospel

I have been on a journey recently. I have been on a journey to rediscovering Jesus.  It hit me a few months ago, that I allowed others’ perspective of who He was to cloud who I knew Him to be.  Instead, over the last few months, I have sat and marinated in the Gospel.  I asked Jesus to bring me on an adventure of rediscovering His heart, His Story, the way He meant to tell it.

I am fully aware that people do not set out to misrepresent Jesus.  But I also know that every individual out there proclaiming Jesus doesn’t actually accurately represent Jesus.  I love them anyway, but sometimes the Church doesn’t.  Actually, quite often the Church doesn’t.  But that’s a story for a different day.

I write today because during a midday worship jam session where I reminded myself of God’s goodness and His grace and provision for every bit of lack in my life… financial or otherwise, I realized I had been let on to believe a fallacy regarding Jesus, how He is and what He does.

I was taught as a Christian, that even if Jesus never again does anything for me ever again, the Cross was enough for me to be singing His praises every day.  That, if my electricity gets cut off or I suffer in a relational distress and God *doesn’t* come to rescue, it’s okay.  The cross was enough. Because of that statement, I believed in my heart of hearts, that it is possible for God to one day not come to my rescue.  There was distrust and a lack of faith.

I will never ever ever discredit the unfathomable riches I gained at the Cross and the unfathomable, unfair sacrifice Christ did for me.  Never will I ever. It is my banner, the staff upon which I place my entire life’s foundation.

The beauty of the Cross is that it is the gift that keeps on giving. Because of it, every day I unravel new gifts and provision I don’t deserve, but receive freely in faith.  There will never be a day when Jesus doesn’t grant me conquering power, overwhelming provision for every single one of my needs, grace, mercy, strength, victory. It just doesn’t work that way.  His love is naturally inclined to give and give and give and continue to give.

This isn’t about the “Prosperity Gospel.”  God is not my Sugar Daddy, but He is my Daddy.  And a Daddy always lavishly gives and gives to His precious child.  I know because my earthly does and so does my husband with his three arrows.  I do not love God for what He gives me, but because I openly receive His love for me, with it comes daily gifts and notions of His love towards me.  Every day He will come to my rescue.  And every day I will conquer and win.  It’s my destiny, and friend, it is yours by the gift of Jesus’ cross.  It just is.

 The Cross is enough, but it is a relevant experience that gives you what you need NOW, not just on that dark and dreary day 2,000 years ago. I am in love with a God who’s nature is to lavishly love me.  I don’t get it. Sometimes I don’t like it, because I am fully unaware of my unworthiness on my own merit.  But there it is. It is truth.  It is the truth that is deeply embedded from Genesis to Revelation.  God is loving, giving, outstanding God.  He will always rescue you.  And please do not forget that the Cross is the gift that keeps on giving. Thank Him for that moment 2,000 years ago, but look for His gift to you today.

Nicole, xo


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