Just Go

My heart and mind have been all over the place recently.  I couldn’t decide what to write about, if I wanted to write at all or where.  It seems the assurance I felt at the beginning of the year has faded into exhaustion and summer’s heat.  I’m stuck.  My heart demands to dream and to conquer adventure, but my mind and my body are paralyzed with monotony and the mundane.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I am in what we call a funk.

Emotions, feelings, even the idea of being driven; they are such a sticky standard.  I’ve noticed a growing trend around our culture.  That our feelings and emotions drive our life;  “do what feels right.”  And though God has given us each discernment that may trigger emotions and feelings, I have to believe that there is a little bit more to it than that.

I’m in a funk.  But I don’t want to be.  So, I have conflicting emotions and feelings going inside of me.  And honestly? They make me crazy, and cranky and mean. How could I possibly allow those to lead? They’re contradictory and, honestly, annoying.

I’m in a funk. But I don’t want to be.
So, what do I do? What does truth say?

Truth says that I am made for adventure, because I have a God who designed it and invented it and placed me in a world surrounded by it, so that I may conquer it.  Truth says that, even though I’m a little crabby and paralyzed by the mundane, I can create adventure, because God is Creator and I am made in His image.  With limited manifested resources and everything.  Truth says that though I may currently be in a funk, I can get myself out of it.  Because Christ lives in me and through Him, I can conquer my feelings and emotions that conflict and drive me crazy and make me disatisfied.

I’m not anti emotions y’all.  You can ask my husband.  I’m full of them.  Drives him a little loopy sometimes.  I just want to encourage you out there. Whoever reads, or skims through.  Just know that if you’re in a funk. It’s okay.  You just dust yourself and try again.  Get out of it.  A little bit a time, one climb at a time, so to speak.  Just. Baby steps.  And achieve that which is in your heart to achieve. For me, it’s adventure.  Because my God is wild and big and He made a really big, beautiful world as a gift to me.  For you, it can be something different. And that’s okay.  Just, put your emotions in the backseat, sit in the drivers’ seat and go.  Just. Go.  Jesus is merciful and kind and He’ll direct you and refuel you when you need it. You just need to go.

Sincerely, me xoxo


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