tree of life.

“I am a dreamer
Take me higher
Open the sky up
Start a fire
I believe even if it’s just a dream”

You ever feel discouraged?

Ha. Of course. What kind of question is that.

I mean, furreal though (excuse the ghetto busting through there).  Ever have a day (or week) where discouragement rears its ugly head, and you kind of fall back into a state of surviving, coasting, rather than living?

Yeah, no? Me neither.

But if I did.  I would have to say that life’s biggest enemy is surviving.  Yes.  Life.  The concept of not merely existing, but to walk in the overall abundance of all things good and favorable found in Jesus.  And no.  I’m not talking about a fat wallet and a prosperity gospel that fattens its calf with cash before the final slaughter (a little melodramatic maybe? meh. blame it on the disposition).

I’m talking seriously here, y’all. Jesus Christ came to give us life, and not just life, but an abundant life.  Filled with every good thing, because He declares in His word that every good and perfect gift comes from above. (James 1:17)  He is a Happy God.  He is a good God.  And often, we forget.

I think one of the biggest gifts Jesus gives His children that too often they do not receive is the gift of dreaming.  No.  Not the kind you get when you fall asleep and eat bad pizza.  I’m talking about the gift to dream big, imagine, to ask God for the impossible and watch as He works all things together for your good.  Your eternal good and your earthly good.

So many believers fixate on “picking up their cross” that they lay down a God-given dream in the name of holiness.  But beloved, God may never have asked you to lay down your dream.  And if I may be so bold, laying down that God-given, God-sized dream may actually hinder the cause you took up the cross for in the beginning.

Let me explain.

God delights and glories in taking the foolish, weak, poor things of this world and confounding the wise. (1Corinthians 1:27)  He genuinely does.  This happy God we serve smiles at the desires of our heart and enjoys bringing them to fruition.  Because despite what we’ve been taught in Sunday School, God wants sons more than servants.  It brings Him glory and fame on this earth when His children are blessed by fulfilled dreams.  Scripture declares that “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.” (Proverbs 13:12)

Friends, how can we cultivate trees of life if we have no dreams to fulfill? I’m guilty y’all.

This all started with a Bethany Dillon song (as many awesome things do), when God asked me… “What are your dreams?”  Surprise, surprise when I couldn’t name one.  Not one.  Not a legit God-sized one.  Everything that came up in my heart was reasonable and attainable.   And honestly… I don’t want that, y’all.

I love a really big God.  And He can do anything.  Everything.  And when people see my life, I want them to see a garden cultivated by fulfilled dreams and intimacy with Jesus.  

So. I invite you to come on in and dream with me.

What’s on your dream list?

Nicole, xo.


One thought on “tree of life.

  1. Alex says:

    To be apart of making grace based parenting and heart transformation known around the world so it can be used to restore relationship between parents and their kids.

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