my message.

Y’all, I have been extremely happy the last four months.

I’m talking real, honest, glass half full type of happy. It has been unreal and weird, and so good. I have my spiritual Momma and her Momma to thank for that.  She went to war with me, and we came out on top! I’ll spare you the details on that bloody mess, but I want to share with you, dear friends, a little bit of words that I’m praying will encourage you.

It may be repetitive considering the overall theme of the blog the last few months, but this is my trumpet.  This is the alarm that I am called to sound…

Friend. The God we love and serve is a happy, happy God and He is for you.  He is not against you.  He is not moved by your weakness or your sin.  He isn’t moved by actions. By what others see.  He is moved by your heart.  He delights in you every second of every day of your life because you are the dream of His heart.  He doesn’t have to love you, He chooses it consciously and purposefully, over and over and over again.  He means it when He says there is NO condemnation.  It’s not sometimes, it’s all the time.  There is no expiration date on it and it is unlimited.  When you mess up, He doesn’t become angry or frustrated.  He is never surprised and never takes it personal.  He chooses to be yoked together with you and walk alongside you through every heartache and every victory.  He is an understanding God and He is patient.  Everything about who He is is good.  He is never like man, behaving on an impulse or being led by the deep emotions He feels.  Nothing He does is motivated out of capriciousness.  Everything He does, He allows is for your good. Everything.  The good, the hard, the painful.

When the fullness of that truth settles in your heart, dear friend, your life will be transformed.  It is His kindness that leads you to repentance, to transformation.  The truth of His goodness, His love and mercy… THAT will lead you away from everything that hinders love and into a life that is filled with victory, joy and an overwhelming peace that surpasses all understanding and every circumstance.

xo, Nicole


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