fighting and walking.

I chose a title this morning that I thought may hold my son’s attention during our morning devotional time.  He’s two. And a boy. His attention span is about 90 seconds.  So, “The Warrior Leader” sounded like a good enough Bible Story to dive into to keep his attention.  He’s all about Superheroes and fighting and war and jazz.  Like I said, all boy.

I did my best at keeping his attention.  I asked questions, asked him to repeat certain words or short phrases. Did voices and fluctuated my voice to match the mood as I read.  Any preK teacher would have been impressed.  My son, not so much.


As I was reading a Bible Story meant to engage the heart of children to the “Rescue Plan” of God (Jesus), I realized God had chosen this story today because He wanted to grasp my attention. And of course He would, with a children’s Bible. These were the words I read that touched my heart.

“They were ready to fight. But the plan wasn’t about fighting; it was about trusting and doing what God said… So it was, that God’s people entered their new home.  And they didn’t have to fight to get in – the only had to walk.”
– Jesus Storybook Bible*

I have lived all of my life as a fighter. I take a little bit of pride in that.  Knowing that whatever has come my way, I have survived. I have fought and battled, been bruised, battered and everything in between.  But dang it… I have made it. Up until recently, I felt like that was an acceptable way to live life.  Like, that’s what life was as a Christian. And, I mean, don’t get me wrong… There’s an element of fighting and violence as a Christian (spiritual violence, y’all).  But, the truth is that someone has already won the war.  And He just so happens to be the One I love who loves me right back and shares His victory with me.

Here’s the thing.  I’m not a prosperity gospel fan.  I’m not going to preach at you that if you become a Christian (or if you are a Christian) then it’s smooth sailing ahead.  That all problems are defeated, because Jesus died on the Cross, etc.  No, there are real trials and real tribulations. I mean, Paul didn’t exactly live a life of luxury.  Nor Peter. Nor the other 11 disciples and etc.


What I do think is that understanding that the war was already won… Well, it changes the perspective.  It allows for joy to flow from the innermost part of who we are, even in the middle of uncertainty and trial.  I can see a mountain before me and cast it into the sea, because I know Christ has conquered the mountain.  And if God tells me to climb the mountain, instead of casting into the sea? Then I know that the path has been already set for me and all I have to do is walk in it.  I don’t have to machete my way through and *create* a path… Jesus did that.  I’m only following His trail.

And that. That is what resting in Jesus looks like. Rest is the place where trust and obedience flow freely because we are at peace with whatever happens and our heart leans and rests upon our Beloved One.

Y’all, this is crazy liberating. Seriously. I never have to fight a day in my life again. I can rest assured that if I just lean on Him, I’ll win. My life will turn out okay and He will complete everything He’s started in me.  I just trust and lean and walk home.

I now realize why God has called me Overcomer and Victory the past few weeks.  He was preparing my heart to receive this truth.  Y’all. We are winners.  We are more than conquerors.  We have every single right under Heaven to look at a mountain, cast it into the sea and walk right on through.  Legitimately.  It’s Word. 

Nicole, xo.


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