psalm 91:4

I have been praying and reading and studying Psalm 91 for about a week now.  I mean, is it any surprise with all the negative things we have been bombarded with recently? I have loved embarking on a journey to pray it over our family, to encounter it and to allow it to remove all fear and doubt over His mighty hand of protection and provision.  It’s been beautiful.  This morning, as I prayerfully go over Psalm 91 once again, verse 4 struck me and I just had to share with y’all.

“He will cover you with His pinions (feathers), and under His wings you may seek refuge; His faithfulness is a shield and a bulwark.

It struck me just now that He doesn’t say you will seek refuge under His wings.  It says you may. You may.  As in, He is inviting us to come and seek refuge under His protective custody.  He is inviting us to seek refuge in Him but He won’t force us to.  But I believe in the same breath that He invites us to find refuge in Him, He tells us why.

I had no idea what bulwark meant to be honest.  So I started out by looking at different Bible translations, and overall the translation instead of the word bulwark was armor, protective wall, buckler, rampart.  It’s a beautiful picture but I was nudged to go deeper.  Just look up bulwark in the dictionary, Nicole.  *open app*

bul-wark: a wall of earth or other material built for defense. any protection against external danger, injury or annoyance.  any person or thing giving strong support or encouragement in time of need, danger or doubt.  A solid wall enclosing the perimeter of weather or main deck for the protection  of persons, objects on deck (last definition was in reference to its nautical definition)


Wow. That just changed everything. Think. Great Wall of China.  The Great Wall of China is a Bulwark.

Y’all.  The faithfulness of God is our wall built for defense, it is our protection against anything, it is our strong support, our encouragement in time of need, a solid wall enclosing our hearts keeping it aboard the ship of faith.  His faithfulness will not let us sink. 

That is so much more than just the armor.  An armor is directly upon our body to keep our body from harm.  A wall of defense, a solid wall, literally surrounds us and will not even let the enemy near.  His faithfulness does that to us and for us.

Jesus Christ as leader, is incredibly trustworthy.  And He is faithful to our hearts. His commitment to our weak and feeble hearts is trustworthy enough that it will build a wall of defense, will protect and support us, will encourage us and keep us afloat whatever comes.

I’m sorry. I just spent a lot of paragraphs sharing the same exact concept.  But I want this post to be a “Selah” moment. A breath of fresh air.  I want you to understand it, to grasp it and to take hold of it and never let go.  When we do, it will transform us inside out and right side in.




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