a loving game of hide and seek

I had a job interview today y’all.

Well. It’s out in the open now.

Yeah. I felt totally unqualified throughout the whole thing and I think I dosed out an extra bit of honesty.  But I want it. I really really want it.  And I feel God guiding me there. Nonetheless, I am learning to trust in His truth and in His purposes for everything I am to be and become.

As I was praying over the interview, preparing for the interview I had the strangest thought. And since I had a strong urge to write, I figured I would just write it down and share it with y’all.  I hope that’s okay.

As I was praying this morning, I saw Jesus almost hiding behind the interview, then behind the position I was interviewing for and then behind everything I could or would ever be called to.  It was a flash in my heart and mind’s eye, totally not an insane moment.  But nonetheless, it struck me.

We often pray over our callings, over our ministries; the things we desire to do for God.  Which is admirable and godly.  I am not here to dissuade you from those things.  But, what if while our eyes are set on the thing to be done or the task completed or the position to be filled, we miss the Jesus that strategically places Himself in that very thing and task and position so that you can find Him in it?

Does that make sense? Gosh, I feel like that’s a difficult concept to articulate. .

As Christians, we often pursue opportunities and ministries and service and all that jazz.  And all those things are good. Great, in fact.  The Bible reminds us after all that without works, faith is dead.  And then we have affection based obedience and the overflow of love that becomes actions.  And again, all those things are true and good (great in fact!).  But.  What if there’s this whole ‘nother layer that God is wanting to add to this crazy beautiful mix we call life?

What if God allows these actions and these ministries and positions and titles to be given to us and they are given to us because we love Him and can be trusted with it, but also because there’s a part of Himself that He is waiting to reveal there? To us. There is such a thing as an overflow of love that demands action. Absolutely, but sometimes (or, you know, a lot of times) God draws and gives things to His beloved ones for the purpose of revelation of who He is.  He’s showing us bits and pieces of who He is in the middle of the work — In the middle of the diaper changes and the disciplining and the office job and the construction gig and the ministry position and while we feed the hungry and while we become the leader of the prayer ministry or moms group [shameless plug].  And that’s the way He’s designed it.  He never just gives us something without wanting to be discovered in it.  

hide and seekEverything points back to Him.  Every opportunity you pray over, every important decision that is to be made, every small decision we make without giving much thought.  He is a God of hide and seek and He will hide in these circumstances so that when we get to that pivotal moment, the Rhema revelation of His attribute can touch our heart and cause it to fall in love with Him all over again.

It really is all about love.  Everything, absolutely everything points back to the fact that our God desires to be known and found by His people.  Not because He needs it, but because it is truly the desire of His heart.

Yeah, I know. That kind of humility mind boggles me too. 



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