love believes the very best.

“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”
– 1 Corinthians 13:7


“Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins.
– 1 Peter 4:8

I think God is doing something.

At least in my heart.

Seems disillusionment has dictated significantly more in our lives than we let on.  It’s absolutely amazing to see how once alive and vibrant hearts dull with deep acquaintance of pain and heartache.

Last night, He stirred me to dream. This time, God talked to me about love.  He’s been whispering the same sentence to me for a week now.  I know it’s true, but the weight of that truth could potentially annihilate every excuse and every right I have to carry hurt and pain others cause me.

Nicole, love believes the best.

Love. True love.  The agape love that God demands from His children and His bride.  Yeah, that one.  It demands that we take a broken human heart at its word and believe the sincerity in their confession.  It demands that we keep no record of wrongs and that we start over every single second of every day.  It demands that we lay aside every right we have to hold on and be angry and disbelieve another’s word.  And instead requires that we sincerely believe our brothers’ efforts and no matter how many times they fail, we engross them in mercy.

Ah, I get it Lord. 7×70.

Love believes the best. God believes the best of me.  Why can’t I believe the best of my husband? My children? My brother, my sister? My friend? My acquaintance?

It goes back to disillusionment.  To a generation of adults who allow themselves to become jaded by this really crappy, yet originally beautiful world.  No one means what they say 100% of the time. And even if they are exceptionally high on that scale (say 90%) the likelihood that they will be able, in their own strength, to fulfill the promises of change, the set expectations or requests is seriously slim to none.  I mean. It just is.

So.  Why do we allow ourselves to carry a burden never meant to be carried in unforgiveness?  He said His burden was easy and His yoke light.  Unforgiveness and the inability to let someone else’s debt go is a heavy heavy burden and we were never meant to carry it.  And the expectation that someone will fulfill their word perfectly is silly. We are a world of broken humans and the expression of our love will be imperfect without the author of love directing and empowering us.  It’s okay to cut people slack and give them grace. 

Believe their words, the expression of their hearts.  Believe mine. I’ll believe yours.  Let go of expectation and trust that Jesus Christ is at work in their life.  Whoever they is.  Believing the best is not pretending an individual is perfect or being blind to their faults.  Instead, it is believing that God is causing all things in his/her life to work together for their good and His glory.  It is trusting that Christ in them is at work just like Christ in me. And trusting that process.  No matter how slow and broken it may seem.

Seventy times seven.



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