Psalms 37:23

Nine days.

Nine days until our next adventure starts.  Two months ago, had you told me that we would be two months without a permanent landing pad, I would have probably suffered severe anxiety and told you you were wrong. I would have also gotten angry and questioned everything about who I am and who God is. And now, two months later, nine days away from walking into our next adventure, I am unbelievably thankful for this time. I wouldn’t trade it in for a mansion in Beverly Hills.  I will never go back and depend on my own strength. Here’s why…

My heart has bore more fruit in this season than any in a long time. Not that I was stagnant, not that I lacked fervor in my life with Christ. But, that this supernatural blossoming has taken place and my eyes see different, my heart beats different and I think different. I had forgotten that Christ ordains the steps of the righteous and it is my job to be aware and seeking His purposes in every circumstance. My heart has been set ablaze for those purposes of God.  It is good and right that I seek His will out in these circumstances.  I am learning that most of the time, the circumstances I endure are less for me and more for someone else. Yes, my heart needed this past season.  My heart ached for it because it had been hiding and lying dormant for a long time. But, I also know this testimony we have lived out is for one my closest and dearest friends who is facing a similar circumstance.  And for each of those whose homes we’ve visited because they have each demanded some form of loving ministry out of our family.  Not that they ask, but that Christ has led us to serve them so. Be it words of encouragement, prayer, practical service and aid, or a reminder of some of the simpler truth of the Gospel (because let’s face it, right now… that’s all our family has).   

I will never again coast by. The truth that “the steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD” (Ps 37:23) has been deeply engraved in my heart and I fully understand that He is deeply and intimately involved in every area of our lives.  He has designed and chosen every single situation in our lives.  He has chosen where I live… for a purpose.  He has chosen my children, my parents, has brought me to my husband… for a purpose.  He has placed me at a job (or not)… for a purpose.  And I now believe we ought to actively ask what His assignment for our life is in every area. Because he didn’t give you the nice house because you wanted stainless steel appliances and granite countertops… He placed you there because there is a specific assignment given to you that can only be fulfilled where you’ve been planted.  He loves to give good gifts, yes. He gives us the desires of our hearts, yes. But our perception of good gifts has been limited to what we can see.  I can say I have been given a valuable, unmatched good good gift in this season where we had less than what everyone feels we “should’ve.” And I mean it when I say I wouldn’t trade it for a Beverly Hills Mansion.

The trouble lies in that we stop seeking out the purposes, the Kingdom of God here on earth and we settle for coasting by.  We say we rebel against the American Dream all the while being blindly led straight to it. Or maybe not the American Dream. But the Church Dream or Christianity Prosperity Dream. Seriously, whatever.  The point is that as Christians, we should be asking Jesus how we are to bring His Kingdom here to the earth.  And ask Him often. Daily even. What would it look like if all Christians did?  If we were all willing to lay all things down for the sake of His purposes? Our homes, our comfort, our money and our hearts. Maybe then, revival (true, lasting, real revival) would come and never leave…



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