my creative manifesto.

I believe every Christian is creative.

Yes, every single one.

I think the definition of creativity has been reduced to Martha Stewart projects and paintings, photographs and Pinterest.

And if I can just say, it is so much more than that.

But like I said. I believe every Christian. No, every person is creative.

We are all made in the image of Creator God after all.

We’re talking about the God that has never twice in the history of forever painted the same sunrise or sunset twice.
The God who created every mind-boggling, disgusting yet intriguing creature in the sea. And on land.
The God who made up the concept of DNA and who has never, in the history of forever created the same person twice.
The God who has named the stars one by one and continues to do so each time He decides the Heavens need a new one.

This is the God who’s image we’re made in.

So, it’s safe to say He has made you creative friend.

Now, open your mind to the definition of creative.

Maybe you’re a walking Pinterest. (I know her… Hi Janice!)
Maybe you are an amazing artist.
Maybe you throw great and creative parties.
Maybe you’re the person who can find the beauty in any object no matter its condition.
But… maybe you’re not.

Then what kind of creative are you?

You may be the kind of creative who can see people for what they can be, not what they are. You may be the kind of creative that paints a picture with numbers instead of with color.
Or the kind who can stretch a dollar to feed your family.
Or the kind that can mold and shape the minds of little ones effortlessly.

It doesn’t matter the kind of creative you are.
Just embrace it.

Embrace a different kind of creative.
Let Pinterest go (metaphorically speaking of course) and allow the true you to blossom.

You were made in the image of Creator God. Ask him what your creative side looks like.
And just go with it.
Pinterest ain’t got nothing on you. 🙂


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