what if?

What if a miracle isn’t the immediate breakthrough we require, but the quiet endurance of a lovesick heart?

What if a miracle comes not in mighty thunder and power, but in still small grace?

What if a miracle isn’t the mighty power that proclaims His might, but the strengthening of the human heart that proclaims His love?

Our culture has created a Gospel that declares that our God will come in strength, in might and will rescue us from our problems and hardships.  We live a blessed Christian life after all. And we do. And our God does comes in strength and might to rescue us, but not always in the way that we think. I’m pretty sure that what our culture’s version of Christianity lacks is an appropriate view of eternity. Our focus is mostly earthly, focusing on current success and prosperity, rather than sowing eternally with a thankful heart, no matter the circumstance.

I’ve shared my story some. And I will continue to do so.  And as I press on in this season of intense grace and understanding of His Gospel more clearly, I am learning that the God of our Fathers is rich in might and will provide breakthrough at the appropriate time, but that breakthrough may not always look the way that makes my life easier.  In this season, I have wept, I have yelled, I have stood in silent obedience and in [less than perfect] thankfulness. But most importantly, I have leaned into my God [most of the time] and I have seen the same Mighty Hand that can rescue me and make all things better still my anxious heart.  And in this season, the testimony of His Mighty Hand upholding me is exactly the testimony He has designed for me to have.  His love, His Might, His provision of grace has transformed a heart that was anxious and unsure into the heart of a woman who believes her God is for her, and her God’s plan is perfect and good, no matter the cost. And that’s enough for me.  That demonstration of the Gospel in my life is worth the hardship, the uncertainty.


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