the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am convinced that the Gospel, the true message of the Good News, is offensive to everything our culture teaches, stands for and speaks over us as individuals.  In the matter of our souls, our hearts, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is life! It breathes a manner of life that can only be known in Jesus.  It releases us from the weight of sin, the guilt, the shame that we inevitably carry.  The Gospel is truly a breath of fresh air.  We are not condemned by Jesus, but we partake in His sacrifice by mercy and we become alive. News like that shouldn’t be offensive, but they are.  Because along with this life-breathing, giving message and truth lays a call to sacrifice.  A call to let go of everything lesser in this world.  And let’s face it… Everything is lesser than the Mighty God who saves.  So along with this powerful, beautiful message of life, we encounter death.  Death to everything good we know because He is worthy and He is greater — we just don’t know it yet as new believers or those contemplating the faith and are still lost.  He is greater Beloved. So much greater.  The dictionary defines sacrifice as

the surrender or destruction of something prized or desirable for the sake of something considered as having a higher or more pressing claim.

I mean, what a joyous activity it is to sacrifice this world, acceptance, the pursuit of happiness, for the sake of true freedom, release from guilt, eternal joy and the glory of knowing the Creator of All.  Our society demands that we look out for ourselves. Preservation of self at its finest.  Media messages are loaded with the sad notions that we are to always watch out for ourselves, take care of ourselves and think of ourselves because if we don’t, no one will. Oh, but what a shameful lie that is! There is a man, One Man, who thought of us two centuries ago, before we existed and who surrendered, destroyed something prized and desirable (life, Himself) for the sake of something better! You and me forever with Him.

Waste your life. Demand nothing.  Give everything away.  Hold on to nothing and allow the reality of the Gospel to grasp you, change you and live in the most unbelievable freedom you will ever know. 

Now that. That’s offensive to the American Dream.


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