on laughing with our brothers

I experienced quite the rarity today.  It’s unbelievable really. 

My three year old and my one year old sat and played together today.  For quite a while, mind you. My absolute favorite part was having the opportunity to hear them giggle.  Seriously.  Something about the two of them coming together, playing together, and giggling made my heart soar.  It was marvelous.

And then, I thought about our Father in Heaven, and about the concept of unity amongst believers.  It’s something we “know” yet seldom practice.  No matter how much we try and attempt in our weak and frail efforts, we always end up in discord with a believer, one way or another.

You know what I’m talking.  The debates that consume our “godly” fellowship time.  The battle over the gifts of the Holy Spirit, dispensation, the Trinity of God, why what God is telling me is the message of the hour and not yours, whether Pentecostals, Catholics, Lutherans or Calvinists have it right.  And on and on and on we go about theological differences that really, just don’t matter.

Do you want to know what really matters at the end of the day and why I am not afraid to have Catholic, Baptist and Calvinist friends?  All that matters is what we did with the knowledge of Jesus Christ and whether we learned to love. Seriously.  Everything else is everything else.  What is the worst that happens to a believer if they choose not to believe in the gift of praying in tongues, or prophecy? Do any of the theological difference make any dent on their love for Jesus?  I can’t speak for every soul or believer, but my guess is no.  My job as a believer is to judge sin, the rest (theology) is up to Christ. 

We serve a mighty creative God.  And as long as the story of someone’s life is that they look more like Jesus and they love more like Jesus every day, at least most days, then their fruit will be worthy to be called Christianity and I am totally okay with that. It’s time for believers to link up, tear down the walls of the Church and just bind together in love.  Reach out to your brother and sister in Christ, despite doctrinal differences and do life together with them.  Get to know their heart and who Jesus is in their life and be amazed at the hand of God in it.  Praise God for who He’s created them to be and begin to marvel at His creativity. 

Laugh a little together with them too. I promise you it brings joy to your Father in Heaven.


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