“Behold our God” Moment

Our God is a Gracious God, y’all.

He prepares His own for times to come, good or bad, and He truly gives mercy and grace at the adequate and perfect moment.

It has been an interesting weekend. Can I be honest? Our circumstances are a little rough. No, I’d probably say more than a little. They are plain rough, and they seem to be getting rougher by the moment.

But. Can I be honest again? I have never ever felt more at peace than I do in this moment. I have never trusted in Jesus, the Faithful, Perfect Shepherd the way I do right now. I have never leaned into the chest of Jesus and listened to His heartbeat quite like this. My heart is still! God has given me the grace to live out Psalms 46:10

“Be still and know I am God, that I may be exalted amongst the nations.”

My heart is so tender to the sweet Presence of Jesus. The very mention of the name of Jesus makes me weep. I am undone by His goodness, His mercy and His fierce sweet love for me even when the natural things present challenges and things are just plain rough.

I knew that we were being set up for a “Behold your God” moment. I knew God would demonstrate His strong arm on our behalf. I had expected it to come in visible provision. He did that, but not in the way that I’d imagined. The real “Behold your God” moment is that in the middle of chaos, my heart is still and steady in His Presence. The real “Behold your God” moment is that He has turned my fearful, independent, frazzled heart and has caused thankfulness, trust and beauty to shine forth from it. I mean true, real, raw and vulnerable thankfulness and trust.

Behold your God. I am steady and confident in His love!


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