ramblings about tickling babies, American Christians and delighting in love.

I had quite the thought this morning.

I was tickling my little man and his face of delight and joy struck my heart.  For a moment, the only thing that mattered was that he was delighting in my love and affection, and it made his heart soar and evoke joy and happiness. Nothing could ever surpass knowing that my little dude loved the way I loved him.  And then I remembered that our Father in Heaven is indeed a parent.  He is a Good Good Father, and for a moment I had the crazy thought that maybe He felt the same way about me when I choose to delight in His love (or you know, maybe times a zillion because He’s God and I’m creation). 

But man, what a thought.  If you’re a parent, I dare you to think about how much delight you feel when your child looks at you or responds to your love in any way. Now, think about bringing that kind of delight to the Creator of the Universe, the Alpha & the Omega. As an an individual, you sir or madam are the source of that manner of delight. Seriously. Allow yourself to be delighted in. Delight in the love that our Father pours upon us and in the fact that He loves to love you. Nothing about God loving you or me is work. Nothing. Everything He does is for our eternal good. Everything He does is so that we can delight in His love for all eternity. Seriously.

Our nation doesn’t know God. Christians have done a terrible job of conveying who He is (don’t get me started on that — that’s a whole nother blog post or five). “American” Christians portray God as angry and terribly judgmental in a humanly base way.  Listen to me and make no mistake God is Judge but He is also love, and He will not suspend one attribute to execute another.  The Father God will judge everything that ever offended Him because it is something that got in the way of perfect love and communion with His children.  Sin is offensive to God because it is the opposite of who He is and He cannot commune with it. God is fierce in judging, removing and purging the sin in our life because He desires communion with His children. Everything God does comes from love.  It is who He is and He cannot act outside of it. But He is still love.

He IS Love.  He doesn’t posses it. He is it. The definition of love is God. Period.

Okay, I’m not sure how I came all the way around to that, but I’m going to assume you (or someone else who reads this) needed to hear this. Jesus Christ, the Father of Heaven and His Holy Spirit delight in you. They take joy in loving you.  You are not work to them, you are their precious child and He will fight everything that stands in His way so that you will know that you are loved and allow yourself to be so.  Because the truth is, when you allow yourself to be loved by God, it demands a response of love back from our own heart. And when we really know Him, we will say yes.

Everytime 🙂


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